We are so excited and proud to now be offering Holter Monitor services!

What is a Holter Monitor and who needs one?

Holter monitors are portable devices intended for recording the heart’s electrical impulses for extended periods of time, typically at least 24 hours. These monitors are checking for heart rate variability and typically helping diagnose arrhythmias that may only occur occasionally. These occasional arrhythmias can be hard to capture during shortened, routine examinations and on a brief ECG (electrocardiogram). Keeping a log of what your pet is doing while wearing it is important to correlate any possible arrhythmias with specific activities such as exercise, eating and sleeping. 

How does my dog wear the monitor?

These monitors consist of a vest that holds the monitor and attaches to multiple ECG wires that will attach to your dog. Most dogs are not bothered by wearing the monitor. They will require small areas shaved for proper lead placement and conduction. 

What happens after my dog is done wearing the monitor?

Once the recommended time wearing the monitor has been completed, the monitor is returned to our facility and the recorded tracings are sent to our board certified cardiologists to interpret. These findings are then put into a report that will be shared with the referring veterinarian’s office to help create a treatment plan if deemed necessary.

What makes our facility different for providing this service?

With our outpatient centers, we are able to provide these monitors at a cheaper rate than having to see the cardiologist in person. Specialty providers can have multiple month waits to have your pet seen. With our service, you are able to get your pet’s monitor applied much sooner and have results quick with the ability to send the monitor tracings to the cardiologists via telemedicine. 

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